About Us

 In the prefecture of Nara, in Japan, the deer are every bit as polite as her people.
If you bow to a deer, the deer will bow back.

The Trinity Oriental Society has been organising events and talks based on East Asian culture for several years now. Past events include movie nights, cultural trips, cooking nights, and an annual Dumpling Night around the Chinese New Year for all to learn the skill of crafting the perfect dumpling.

Through these events we hope to not only foster a sense of community amongst East Asian people of Trinity College and those with an interest in the culture, but to also inform others about the culture, history and people of East Asia.

Events are announced on this site and the facebook page. Suggestions for events are always welcome and can be sent to any member of our committee.

Membership to the society is free and open to all members of Trinity College. If you are from outside the college, you may join at the discretion of the current committee.