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2018-2019 TOS Events

It’s been a wonderful year for TOS. For a comprehensive report of all the events that happened this year (new ones, making traditional ones even bigger, and even a fire ramen challenge photo finish!), see the following blog post!

Written for Trinity Annual Report:


Dumplings Festival 2019!

Events Calendar 2015-16

Easter 2016

Film Night: Mulan – 14/05/16, 7.30pm, Winstanley Lecture Theatre

We had a great turn out to watch the Disney classic, Mulan, about a girl who goes to war to save her father and ends up saving China in the process. Special snacks were provided beforehand in the Blue Boar Common Room. Everyone seemed to love the film and enjoy a well-deserved revision break!

food pic   mulan pic

Easter 2015

Film Night: Princess Mononoke – 05/15/15, 8.00pm, JCR

The story of a poisoned Emishi Prince and a Princess raised by wolves, bridging the gap between Nature and humankind in a world where Forest Spirits defend their home from the Ironworkers. A very well-received Miyazaki piece, first of many to come.


Michaelmas 2015

Chaplain’s Squash – 04/10/15, 8.30pm, Under the Wren

Freshers sign-up for societies for the new year, held after Freshers’ Formal. 

Garden Party and Freshers’ Squash – 11/10/15, 3.00pm, Bowling Green

An afternoon of kimbap, tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), korean pancakes and games on the bowling green as the Freshers’ Week winds down.

Language Classes

Interested in picking up a new language? We offer Chinese, Korean and Japanese beginner sessions!

Film Night: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – 18/10/15, 7.30pm, JCR

This wuxia film (a genre of Chinese Films heavy with martial arts sequences), tells the complicated relations between five people: Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-fat) is an accomplished Wudang swordsman; Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh) is a female warrior, Mu Bai’s love interest, despite being promised to another; Jade Fox, a dangerous assassin who is the target of Mu Bai’s vengeance; Jen, a seemingly normal aristocrat and Lo, a desert bandit relentlessly pursuing the one he loves.

Directed by Academy Award-winning Ang Lee, this is a movie you need to see at least once in your lifetime.

Kimbap Making – 29/11/15, 5.00pm, BA Room

Learn how to make one of Korea’s most iconic foods, the Kimbap! (And also how to differentiate it from sushi.) 


Lent 2016

Language Classes

A continuation of last term’s classes! We offer Chinese and Japanese sessions.

Film Night: Nausicaa Of the Valley Of the Wind- 03/04/16, 8.15pm, Winstanley Lecture Theatre

In a world poisoned from the apocalyptic war that took place a thousand years ago, humans now share the earth with giant mutant insects, including the gigantic armoured trilobite-like creatures called Ohm. It is in this world that we tell of the courageous tale of Princess Nausicaä, who tries to find a way for humans and Ohms to co-exist. Another masterpiece of Miyazaki’s, with another beautiful take of the relationship between Mother Nature and humankind.

Tea Tasting Session- 01/23/16, 3.00pm, JCR

Due to the popularity of the first tea tasting session, we decided to hold another one in Lent! But this time, with different varieties of tea!

Film night: My Neighbour Totoro- 01/28/16, 8.30pm, JCR

A well-loved classic of Miyazaki’s creation, this movie tells of the heart-warming story between a young pair of sisters and the forests spirits that became their friends.

Lunar New Year Dumpling night – 07/02/16, 6.30pm, Adrian House, Burrells Field

One of the biggest events of the year, the annual dumpling making night celebrates the coming of the year of the Monkey! There was a huge turn out this year (and even an impromptu mahjong table was set up).

PreAGM – 03/06/16, 7.00pm, Trinity Bar

Meeting between potential committee candidates for the next year and the current committee.

Easter 2016

Annual General Meeting – 04/23/16, 1.00pm Blue Boar Common Room

A new committee was elected. We wish them all the best for the coming year!

Events Calendar 2013-14


Chaplain’s Squash – 06/10/13, 8.30pm, Under the Wren

Trinity’s exclusive societies’ fair under the Wren Library, straight after the Freshers’ Formal.


Freshers’ Squash – 19/10/13, 6pm, BA Room

A chance for freshers to mingle with other oriental culture lovers. Homemade Kimchi pancake, the star dish of the night, was proved very popular.



Chinese New Year Dumplings Night – 31/01/14, 6.30 pm, BA Room

This was the annual highlight – a delicious and fun event to celebrate Chinese New Year. There were hands-on opportunities for all, experienced professionals as well as first-timers, to try and make a few dumplings themselves.



AGM – 14/06/14 10pm, Upper JCR

A show-of-hands vote was taken and a new TOS Committee was elected unanimously for the year 2014-2015.


Garden Party – 19/06/14, 2.30pm, Fellows’ Garden

A casual gathering in the lovely garden with free nibbles and drinks offered to help take out any remaining stresses after the end of Tripos.




Events Calendar 2012-13


Speaker Event with AIESEC – 09/10/12, 4.30pm, Rushmore Room, St. Catharine’s

Talk by Ethan Ohs, an Asian American from Common Purpose, who gave a talk on “How to be a responsible and effective leader”


Freshers’ Squash – 14/10/12, 6pm, BA Room

A very well attended event by freshers and existing members alike, during which we cooked several Chinese dishes, as well as serving tea and drinks



CNY Dumpling Night – 08/02/13, 6pm, Burrell’s X Kitchen

Celebrated Chinese Year by making and eating dumplings – the annual highlight! Some 40 people attended; Consider larger room next year! – Junior Parlour? 


Sushi Making Night – 16/03/13, 6pm, Pearce Hostel A-Staircase Kitchen

Making sushi – another well attended food night and members were very interested to learn how to make sushi and many expressed interests in having similar events in future.



AGM – Easter, 5.30pm, Upper JCR

The society was successfully passed onto a keen and energetic upcoming committee.




Events Calendar 2011-12


Freshers’ Squash – 23/10/11, 4pm, BA Room

A chance for freshers joining the society to meet each other and chat


Cooking Night – 09/11/11, 7pm, BA Room

Cooked and ate Japanese and Korean dishes


Film Night & Talk – 30/11/11, 7.30pm, Upper JCR

Watched ‘Ip Man’ (Cantonese film), preceded by talk about the film by Laurence Gribble



Dumpling Night for Chinese New Year – 23/01/12, 6pm, Burrell’s X Kitchen

Celebrated Chinese Year by making and eating dumplings – a highly successful event!


Steamed Fish Night – 15/02/12, 6.30pm, Burrell’s X Kitchen

Steamed sea bass


London Trip – 10/03/12, 10am, London

Biggest event of the year, a trip to London to eat dim sum in Chinatown and visit the Houses of Parliament


AGM & Film Night – 14/03/12, 7.30pm, Upper JCR

The election of the new committee was followed by a joint film night with ABACUS, watching ‘Love in Space’ (Mandarin film)



CCTV Filming in Cambridge – 20/05/12, Around Cambridge

CCTV-5, the Chinese television channel, visited to film a programme on the Olympics in Cambridge hosted by Guo Jingjing, Olympic diving star, with the help of members